The benefits of sharing grief

As someone who’s lost her mother at the age of 23 and my youngest brother at 13, accepting her death and her life was a difficult challenge that I am not sure everyone handled well. We did it in different phases. It’s taken us until about now to feel freed from the experience and turmoil […]

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Sproutlings! Welcome to Earth!

IMG_1590Seedlings celebrating spring! Two small leaves saying I’m here! Ready and open for a new world. ReAwakened in a new form on earth. As special as and baby I’ve ever seen.
-Well until they grow up and eat them! This one being lettuce.

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Want more energy? Expand!

Life is busy. And as busy parents working people living life to the best of her abilities, we often close ourselves to new opportunities. We search for energy leaks and we say no to opportunities to connect with others, Sharing the best of our being this with the world. Eventually we close ourselves so much […]

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How to Cure Shame

Shame is a damning thing. The purpose is to make you small. In hindsight it can open your eyes to moments of truth and healing.  Abandonment, abuse, mental illness-generally human emotions that do not fit societies definition of normal are met with shame.No one is free from it.  Our society needs it to control itself. […]

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