“If you find yourself in Hell, keep going”

As read in an article today-Churchill: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Maybe a mantra I hold onto throughout my life. You can never stop the process with which you are in, just keep going and the light at the end of the tunnel will be there. Just make sure to breathe and see the bright side of things even when it seems too dark. There is light there, you just cannot see it. We’ve all experienced moments like this, some worse than others, but it never lasts. Just be prepared to get through it the best you can and you will come out stronger than before.


The last 72 hours I have slept away more than half of it. I am going through a real transformation. Kundalini, in fact. Let me tell you it has moments of pure bliss and others total hell, not to mention the fiery inferno that I can sometimes feel on my legs, arms lungs! The last 72 hours was a mess of dreams, mostly terrors and fears from my childhood. My reality, when awake, was limited and haunted by those dreams. I was never fully awake to feel present, even as the sun shined outside and with my feet planted firmly in the dirt. No, my reality over the last 72 hours was Hell.

Those who have undergone some kind of spiritual emergency or kundalini awakening, can attest: “The Dark Night of the Soul”is nothing but a heavy, sometimes terrifying experience. I had moments when I experienced my inner selves (yes, the voices in my head) battling it out between giving up a negative fearful existence or resisting a new one. Living a new existence could surely mean death for the old one, but the presents the fearful, anxious side of me with one question: “Will I die?” The answer is clearly no, you will be reintegrated in a beautiful more positive way.

Waking up from 3 days of Hell, as I am calling it, gives me a greater appreciation for the life I live. It is like coming back from the dead. I am revived. Breath is in my lungs and the sun is in my hair. I feel peace and can enjoy the sounds of life around me with a full smile on my face. I feel prepared to have a great day and dance in it. I am prepared for anything to happen. I am also aware that my energy is precious and that I need to use it for making a difference in my life and those I love.

Hell is always there. You can count on that, but so is the sun. Whenever you find yourself going through, hell, yeah, keep going. The road is not infinite. The suffering is a choice. But always see that you are going to survive this.


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