The Tiger inside is only a Small Kitten

ImageDo you feel that?  That cringe of anger sitting in your chest?  The vein in your forehead throbbing with pain?  The feeling that the entire world is closing in on you and all you want to do is roar? I do.  Feeling your own power and old emotions is frightening, yet empowering.  So many of us walk this earth hiding our emotions, like anger and fear.  We adopt the British motto, “Stay Calm and Carry On.”  However is this real?  I mean, if we are ever to become spiritual beings, we need to accept ourselves including the tiger that lies within us.  

Coming to terms with yourself is no joke.  Depending on your life experience, it can be a lava field of emotions.  Sometimes it feels like it is just you and the tiger and the lava surrounding you.  How you got there, you’re not sure, but you know you can’t go back.  What is this tiger in this space? Is he an enemy, a friend, an emotion or a protector?  He is what you make him out to be.  The tiger wants to invoke fear through anger, something reminiscent of parent to child relationships.  At first the Tiger wants you to stay away, protecting you from what is inside-the vulnerable tiger cub.  Take a closer look and you see that he is keeping you from yourself.  He is keeping you from feeling the pain of long ago.  The tiger cub, the little girl/boy inside looking for love and comfort.  What power does this child have that he/she can roar so strongly?!  It is at this moment that you realize the power inside you and that you are more than the anger or the lava field of emotions that surround you.  You have the power to transcend.  All you need to do is see that the lava fields represent new beginnings and let the emotions flow.  Only by releasing the emotion and taming the tiger inside you are you reborn.  This is power-tame your tiger, take control and live free.

Becoming truly conscious is no joke.  It is more than positive thinking and being green or charitable.  If you want to serve the world, look inside first.  Are you ready to face the tiger that lies within?  Are you ready to accept and forgive all that has happened to you?  The tiger inside your heart will test you and it is up to you to change the perception of what he really is.  Awakening to the present is a sometimes frightening process the cleanses your soul and brings peace and bliss.  I have come to understand that this is the first step in what God calls giving up your worldly possessions.  Living in oneness and full consciousness with God means giving up the pain, hatred, anger, judgement and all negative emotions that hold you back from living fully in the present.  

You want to know how I dealt with my tiger today?  I remembered that the tiger is only my vulnerable inner child pleading for help.  That I am not my anger and that there is enormous amounts of love and peace surrounding me if I am open to receiving it.  Every moment I face my anger, I see it for what it is and let the light shine within me.  I accept myself fully and freely- even as a roaring tiger.  


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