Beating around the bush got me fired!

Last Friday I lost my job after 6 weeks.  I loved my job and the people I worked with.  I was reintegrating after 18 months of illness and instead of defending myself, I quietly agreed that my hours were not enough to meet the demands at work.  I quietly asked if there were other options.  If I could do something else.  However, the answer was no, but we like you!

I was honest with them when I started.  I told them I could not give a full work week, but was set on the biggest project in the company.  I knew that I should stop to protect my health, but still did not say anything.  I wanted so badly to prove myself that I just went along with the flow until 6 weeks later, just as I was about to really make it, I was fired.  People were shocked and I was told to write my boss’s boss.  So I did.

I have been here before.  Negative turn of events and polite, criticism all intended to make the news I receive go smoothly.  As an energetic, somewhat brash person, you’d expect me to say, F*)!? NO, but I just quietly agree and slunk away.  I never think to retaliate or ask for protection.  I never thought I had the right to.  If I did attempt, it would be a soft-spoken request or attempt to get what I want-something equivalent to punching air.  The result: NO IMPACT!

Today that changed.  I wrote that letter to my boss’s boss.  I started with the usual dance that I did good work and I felt that I was unfairly treated, with a mild, please contact me!  I still want to work with you, pretty please with sugar on top!  Then, I realized that it was just fluff and if I was going to get what I wanted, I needed to tell the truth of how I feel.  I needed to get over the fact that I would not make my former boss happy and so what if I cause conflict.  I have no job to lose now!  If I wanted to get my job back and make a change, I needed to create impact!

It took 1.5 hours to revise and review my email to this woman, but when I was finished, it had umph! No matter what the outcome will be, I told my story and can walk away proud.  It takes real guts to show your feelings and expose yourself in order to get what you want.  I realized that it may not get me what I want, but at least my self-respect has grown and I can walk away proudly.

From now on, I plan to stop beating around the bush, and get to the point.  Life is too short to come up short.  If I want respect, I must respect myself and my feelings first before someone else’s.


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