Inner peace

I am finally getting over the loss of a job I thought was great. Similar to an infatuation with a crush, I obsessed about it for at least a week, but came to realize life is bigger. I am a strong capable woman who can make a new start.

Right now I am sitting in the grocery store writing this blog. That’s what you do when you are unemployed…you hang out with the senior citizens at the table in the grocery store enjoying the complimentary coffee. Then you recenter. I remember that I am whole and I am loved and so what if the “serendipitous” job I had didn’t work out. I am still me and not anything less.

I then remember that achieving inner peace comes at a price. If we all could be at peace, we would, right? No, it takes the upsets and roller coaster rides of life to shake you, to make you strong. Without that no foundation is built to withstand all the chaos. I am nearing the point where the point that I know no matter what happens, i can take it. I can achieve inner peace. It’s more about self-love and acceptance than about any mystical meditation practice. Trust me, I’ve done it. I gave been the seeker, but am now the finder.

Cheers and enjoy the java!


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