How to Ground Like a Lightning Rod

The last couple of days I have found myself in a flurry of emotions and transmissions.  I was transmitting, transmuting and transitioning like a live wire struck by lightning.  No matter how hard I prayed, I couldn’t put my body in the ground.  I felt electrocuted with frazzled energy surrounding me and tentacles of pain similar to electric shock in every orpheus of my body.  I would calm and then energy from my angels would be again transferred leaving me unable to function. Yesterday, the emotional fever finally broke.  I was a crying sobbing mess.  After a cup of coffee and a visit with a friend, I finally came to.  I was flying high and communicating with the other side and no buffer to keep me grounded.

The majority of human beings are grounded creatures, but the few of us that are (ultra)sensitive can fly off into the clouds at any moment.  I have always lived in the clouds hoping for answers and looking for solitude because my earthly reality was often cold and harsh.  For most of my life groundedness was a foreign concept.  It wasn’t until last night that I realized the key to groundedness is maintaining your space and not giving your power to those we see and don’t see.

Grounding should be easy enough.  Using resources like energy healers, meditation, stones,  and digging in the earth should bring most people back to reality.  Not me.  I have been so overstimulated and lost in my spiritual transition that I gave up hope in grounding.  I now know it can be done.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Imagine yourself like a large magnet with energy flowing around you attracting and detracting light. Our heads and hands conduct electricity and our legs ground with our feet making contact with the earth.
  2. After several deep breaths, center your energy in your solar plexus, the center of light within your body.  Feel the earth under your feet.
  3. With complete mindfulness feel the energy flow in your body, grasping where the highest electrical currents are located.

    grounding energy
    We are energetic beings connected to earth and sky in every moment.
  4. To bring the energy down, imagine your legs as tree trunks with your feet as roots that connect with the earth.  Raise your hands over your head in a quick sweep and a deep breath pulling the energy downward towards your legs.
  5. Imagine the legs soaking up the excess energy and conducting it downwards towards the soil.
  6. Take three deep breaths and concentrate on the balance in your solar plexus and the contact with the earth.
  7. If successful, your feet should feel heavier and your head less energized.  Time will feel a bit slower and relaxed.  If not practice sitting for at least 5 minutes focusing on your breath and contact with the floor, a chair or mat.
  8. To maintain, constantly be mindful of your body and its contact with physical object.  Remember that your body’s job is to protect, house and ground your spirit.  We are not helpless light beings who are endlessly subjected to the universe’s ebb and flow.  We can choose to ground, live in the moment, and choose how large of a space physically and spiritually we will inhabit.

If you would like more information on how to ground or discuss how you ground, please feel free to leave a comment!


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