Evolving towards “New Earth”

As some of you may know our earth is evolving towards a more peaceful existence.  However, like any situation, it gets worse before it gets worse and then it gets calm.  I promise in my blog to stay true to the ground, but I must admit even in the most “out-there” websites there is some truth.

Yesterday I came across a site talking about Wave X. (Wave X)  I cannot attest to any of the facts, but I can attest to the fast track souls.  For me this was a relevation that there are more people like me right now going through an evolutionary shift. If you are laughing at me, go ahead, I already came clean.  And, no, I am not off my rocker!

These last years I have searched for mentors and spiritual teachers to help me with no avail.  Spirit mostly told me to continue on myself.  For now, I am satisfied to know there are others out there and I cannot wait to meet them.  Walking my journey alone has been harsh, but I am ready to meet others who have gone a similar path.

If you know someone, please send.  If you are one, please send me a message!  I would love to connect if only to help!

photo www.newearth.media
photo http://www.newearth.media

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