We will ascend

I am not alone in my ascension process. I want to write expect to come but for now please check out this video. Kapiel Raaj does a great job of expressing what exactly do you think you process is. How can you leave me a picture body. And what you can expect for the remaining part of the year. Saturn in retrograde 2015-2022

Video he goes on to describe how good we need is something that you wouldn’t miss me. I’m going to find completely. It is horrendous process that when you wouldnt wish on your worst enemy.  You have no idea what is happening to you. You think for the moment you are going to go crazy. You have no idea how you could possibly through this and still remain sane or maintain a normal worklife. Fortunately most of us will go through this a lot of us will others won’t. If have read the blog you know that I started my process somewhere  around 2010. I know longer wanted to work or do what i did. It didn’t matter if I said my children all I wanted to do was hide. Those going through the ascension early, we will be the helpers, the gatekeepers who will help cure others who are going to be going to this process. We will feel crazy as the event that we are not we are cuter ones and love. Now it is not going to go easy for everyone-some will fall out, some will die some will not make it. But for those of us who succeed through the Ascension process we will like these of the highest imagine we can possibly be. We will be reborn and  be one each other. And there will be no good or bad there will only BE.


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