I am Enlightened, Now what?!

What if I were to tell you that the entire transformation process was similar to repackaging a product?  “Same great product, New Look!”  Well, that’s exactly what it is! The irony of life strikes again!

The search to look into one’s self and heal it is an exhausting and endless process.  Self-analysis sends us to endless corners in our mind and soul trying to uncover that one nugget of purity only so we can remember who we really are.  Psychoanalysis assists in helping seekers to remove emotional charges of old wounds, uncover life patterns, and get some understanding as to what happened.  Sufferers of PTSD live in an endless cycle of old wounds reliving old pain in the present, only entrapping victims further in the ‘victim’ cycle.  Spiritual gurus and healers aid seekers in personal growth, but with the catch that there is always more to do to purify the soul.

Most of us choose to react to emotional scars one of two ways: bury it or uncover it.  The end result is mixed.  We do not really recover the golden nugget until we decide to live and feel the present NOW.  Acknowledging the NOW takes work.  For most of us, we must do more than decide to feel what is happening now.  Living so simply in the NOW is much more complicated than we would like to admit. Anyone trying meditation for the first time will agree that keeping the mind from wandering in the first minute alone is a difficult enough task.

Spiritual and emotional healing usually starts with a knowing that something is missing or off.  It can be a small thought that grows bigger until we decide to acknowledge it.  Think, “Oh, yeah, I have an infected toe!  I should fix that!” It is here that we start our journey.  We call the therapist or healer.  We get it diagnosed.  We run tests.  We try on bandages.  We look at the cellular structures.  We gain understanding. “Ok, I am healed.”

The problem is now that you’ve been bitten.  Suddenly (or maybe more slowly for others) our ego reminds us of other little annoyances.  Now the self-improvement journey begins. The questions start:  “Who am I?  Am I valuable? Do I love myself?  Do I live how I want?  Am I the person I want to be?  Why does my family behave this way?  Who am I to the world?”  In puberty we try to answer these questions, but unfortunately it isn’t until we are settled in our adult life that we finally get to the crux of the issues.

Self-improvement books, guru’s, conferences, therapists are all there to help.  Thank goodness for that! Deciding to undergo self-discovery either spiritually or emotionally feels like a giant leap from a burning fire! They are there with the water and trampoline to save you as you fly out the window into your deep dark unknown.

Here the irony strikes again.  Therapist and healers do not have the truth. The truth is often in front of you.  It is always right there looking at you, but we didn’t have the right focus to see it with our lenses.  That’s why the simplest AHA! Moment can take years to reach.  Unfortunately, we feel unable to look inside ourselves where the truth lives.  This is just what the ego wants.  It is only through external validation the ego survives.  By giving into our helplessness the ego finds another little space for you to uncover, only so you can repeat the cycle again.

At some point in our process, we get tired of continuing the self-analysis, the external search for answers and take a break.  “I’ve had enough!” We consider ourselves healed.  But are we?  We will continue here until we see ourselves repeat painful patterns.  Most of us will then give it one more go to eradicate the behavior and fill the gap in ourselves until we finally become ‘whole.’

Were we really ever broken? Somewhere inside ourselves we believed that we were.  Perhaps we experienced too much trauma, but the trauma never truly changed what you are.  It might have changed the perception of the world and how you experience, but the core of you will always remain perfect.  The trauma is real, no doubt about that.  The pain you feel is real, too.  However, mentally understanding the pain will not stop it.

Pain is energy that flows.  It is your energy that has been shifted to alert you to a processing problem.  Its existence does not compute with the natural flow of your being.  Therapies like, EMDR, EFT, body work and others attempt to alleviate the pain through processing and releasing the energy.  Still for some the pain goes too deep.  A lifetime of therapy and healing is needed to reprocess all that has been experienced. The years of therapy stand in front of you like a pile of debt.  Can I ever break even?

Coming into the NOW is breaking even.  It is an acceptance, a forgiveness, of all that has happened and cutting the cord to the time of pain.  We decide to turn off the alarm only by accepting it and letting it be there as a memory, and not as an active agent in our present life.  Returning to the pain to try to uncover it only opens the wound and fuels the pain.  The answer is not there.  The answer is in the perfect you that you have overlooked.  The 99.9% that is completely operational and perfect.

Peace enters with the true acknowledgement of yourself.  “Hakuna Matata!” It is in the past, no worries.  The only thing that broke was the trust in yourself.  Trust and total awareness of you as a whole being connects you to your perfection and to others around you.  Compassion for yourself and others grow.  Suddenly we allow ourselves to coexist with our reprocessed pain and the world that surrounds you now.  With trust, we can hear ourselves and others allowing the flow of life to exist naturally.

Seekers become finders when we trust that the answers are within us, not outside us.  Remember, the gurus and therapists experienced their own truth.  The answers we receive from them are only the inner truth they perceive for themselves, within their own world.  They are the inspiration, you are the implementer.  Like the iPad, a device that looks so simple takes years of research and development.  The new and improved you still has the same operating system, but the bugs have been fixed.  The key is understanding how you repackaged yourself and come to peace with the contents inside.


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