Jesus: Attachments, Peace and the Devil

Jesus often spoke in parables and metaphors to his followers in hopes of relating spiritual lessons to their everyday life.  We have interpreted them in many different ways, but often the lessons are quite simple.  Jesus was one of the world’s first well known teachers who preached internal healing and peace in order to heal the ills of the external world, but we often misunderstood his messages.

As I come closer to knowing my own self and living only by the energy of God, (and food of course!) I have come to understand some of Jesus’ truths in the way I believe he intended it.  The greatest trial for Jesus was to be human.  He was the son of God-a spiritual being-living in a tough human existence.  He as God came to understand the trials that humans face daily and to teach a new way of life that wasn’t corrupted by external influences.  He came to teach that we need to love one another, but also treat our fellow human with the same love and support you would have for yourself.

So, here comes the interesting part-in today’s society, how many of us honestly care for ourselves the way we want? How many of us know how they would want to be cared for?  How many of us blame others for not caring for us the way we want?  The work must first be done internally before we can follow Jesus’ ideal.

Jesus wanted to create a world of peace.  What is peace?  Peace is a sort of stillness where we come into balance with download (5)ourselves and the world around us.  We choose everyday to live in the noise of the external world or to listen and participate in the noise in our heads.  The truth is that stillness is everything and everywhere.  We only need to drop the noise mindfully and give it it’s place.  We choose to live our life in stillness similar to the experience of watching a movie, where all of the noise is around us and on the screen, but we still are merely are observers.

Jesus versus the Devil is truly Jesus versus his own ego.  We need to create an evil being, such as the Devil, to take away the responsibility for our own thoughts.  We want to believe that we are truly good and a two horned, firery horned being is there tempting us at every corner to make the wrong choice.  Once we are able to enter and maintain the stillness, we see that the true devil is our own Ego!  Jesus spent 40 days in the desert fasting with 3 trials against the Devil.  Jesus’ own willpower was tested.  Can you imagine what it would be like to sit in 176 - Satan Tempts Jesusa desert for 40 days subsiding only on water and bread?  Most of us would lose it!  Of course our ego would tempt us to get the hell out of there!  It’s like running a marathon and you hit the wall.  We just want to give up, but our inner spirit says, “NO!” So we just keep on.  Jesus’ goal was to absolve the ego of wrongdoing, since it is the Ego’s nature to escape pain.  As egotistical beings who live in fear of change, those in power committed Jesus to death.  They were unable to understand that Jesus’ teachings did not wish to hurt them, but enrich them.  It was the egos of the powerful leaders who were threatened, and thus, put, Jesus to death.  Jesus’ understanding of the ego made it easy for him to forgive us since we did not know what we did.

Jesus also asked us to follow him.  To follow Jesus meant to leave all of your earthly belongings behind and teach the word of God.  I am sure that in his day, and in our world today, such a request to live without belongings seems an unbearable task.  However, if you create the link between Buddha and Jesus, the request isn’t so harsh after all.  We can choose to undergo many trials to reach the ultimate spiritual peace similar to Jesus and Buddha, or we can choose to let go of our attachments in our life.  In the essence of mindfulness, we are to become observers detached from the thoughts, emotions, and physical aspects of our bodies.  Jesus’ request is to allow yourself to become detached from our physical possessions, relationships, the self-identity, and other trappings of the ego.  download (6)We are to do this to live in stillness.  Once we are able to live in internal stillness, we then have the space to care for others and absorb the love that God has for each and every one of us.

We need not undergo massive trials to find peace.  We only need to go within to exist mindfully in the peace.  The irony is that detached living is not one of unemotional existence or an uninvolved existence.  Detached living allows us to live in the ever present NOW and enjoy every second of it without the worry or fear of past and future tugging at us.  Detached living also allows us to heal and grieve easier, but also appreciate the moment for what it was and prepare for the next moment.

Jesus’ ask of us is quite simple.  Just let go and Just be and accept our own “I AM.Tao_Te_Ching_quotes_stillness” How do we do this?

  1. Pray and meditate.  Attempt to sit in stillness.  No one is a master at this!  Don’t give
    up if you cannot be still for one minute.  Then try 30 seconds.  Remember you are not your thoughts.  You are not your ego.  The Ego is only an extension of you.
  2. Ask God, the Universe, Spirit, Angels, or whatever works for you to cut your energetic attachments to your possessions, relationships, identity.  In this process we allow whatever our attachment is to just BE.  This does not literally mean stop the relationship, but instead accept it as it is.  In doing so, we learn to live non-judgmentally, accepting others and ourselves.
  3. Care for others and the world we live in.  Every day recite:
    1. “May I (or other person, group, world) be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.”
    2. “May I (or other person, group, world) be happy and contented.”
    3. “May I (or other person, group, world) be emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy, balanced and whole to whatever extent possible.”
    4. “May I (or other person, group, world) experience ease of well being.”*

Each and everyone of us is important.  If we all go within to create peace, then our world becomes a better place!  Happy Sunday.

Peace, Love and Light!


*Taken from Jon-Kabat Zinn


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