The size of the magnet does matter

Last night while trying to fall asleep, I did a visualization about attracting all the good things in my life.  Normally, I imagine that I have my holographic room and in it is a huge magnet, like the kind that is electrically stimulated and picks up cars!  I had decided a big magnet is needed to attract big things!

I thought I needed a lot of power, more than I had, to bring me my wishes.  Then it occured to me.  Actually a small little metal horseshoe magnet, one that fits in my hand, or even smaller, works just as well.

The universe doesn’t actually need lots of power to move or make way for creating our hopes and dreams.  We just need to continue to magnetize our own magnets by allowing ourselves to dream and feel it in our own space.  We don’t need huge magnetic fields to go outside of us, and even overstep other fields to bring our dreams to us.  No, we just need to sit quietly and know it will come, more likely with a small magnet.

The smaller the magnet, the greater the trust in yourself and in God.kates-magical-party-pyramid

I had a practice coaching session today about organizing.  It quickly turned into a beautiful metaphor landscape where a golden brown ball made of empty cardboard boxes turned into a shiny golden triangle/pyramid where everyone would join me in creating and play!  Energy flowed in and out effortlessly in the pyramid, giving it i
ts golden light.

Suddenly, the message came, “Just let them do their job, and you will fit in.” I didn’t need to know how to reorganize the boxes in the ball, they were already magnetized.  The magnets were so small that my puny ego brain didn’t understand that all I needed to do is be present and amazed.  The same amazement that a small child has when she sees that blue and yellow make green!  So mystical and magical, but something new happens nonetheless.

So the key to using the small magnet is to stay curious, amazed and grateful for all that their is.  Imagine that we are only observers watching the world unfold naturally.  Finally bear witness that purely by being filled with light and holding your small magnet, it will fill you up effortlessly.


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