Facebook: Cold Turkey

I’ve pulled the plug, at least temporarily on Facebook.  All the people I know and interact are on there.  Today is the first full cold turkey day.  I suppose that’s why I am writing a blog about Facebook.  It’s gotten that bad.

Like any addiction, it was going smooth and easy.  I didn’t post too much. I would even have days when I would post at all.  I would withdrawal into oblivion.  I had control on my Facebook habit.

My network is small in the Netherlands, being an expat mother, eager to start building a business and a few good friends.  I participated in Facebook most because I wanted to keep my American ties.  After 6 years of living here, I noticed, most people have moved on.  However, the people I have connected with after being at home the last 4 years, are on Facebook.  I was hooked in.  Events and news and a feeling of total connectedness was there on my screen any minute of the day.

I could literally feel a need to check.  Email, the thing we used to be obsessed about, became old news.  It was Facebook I needed to check morning and night.  Did anyone LIKE my post?  What are my people saying?  Can I contribute? Did I miss a conversation? What interesting things can I add to color others’ news feeds.  I would become shaky.  Felt driven to create something and interact with everyone.

This was madness.  I am glued to a device, which has practically grown into my body.  Any free minute checking to see if there was anything new.  It’s not really Facebook I am quitting, but my mobile devices (of which I have 5).

Just yesterday, I started this detox.  Instead of checking my phone while sitting next to my husband as our kids played in a park on one of the most gorgeous days of the year, I found myself climbing a tree.  And then my husband came.  And then my kids.  And we were one happy monkey family on a gorgeous fall day!

It was true!  Let go of the devices and Facebook to let our your inner monkey!  I knew it was there all along.  The irony was, this is what I want to post on Facebook.  The pictures and the story-for the love able peanut gallery to like or ignore.

Today, I think I have had at least 10 itches to check Facebook and post something.  People using fb messenger are sharing stories and discussing upcoming events.  I am missing that, but my sanity is restored, somewhat.

Checking out is good.  It’s a reality check.  It also gives me time to clear out my email inbox and unsubscribe to the noise.

My experiment lasts 3 weeks until November 7.  I will miraculously reappear.  I will determine if I missed anything.  Most likely, not too much.  Updates to come.

(And yes, this will automatically, thanks to wordpress, be shared on facebook.  You sneaky devil!)


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