Test: Would you go to Adult Summer Camp?

In my awakening process, I am learning about who I am and what I like.  My inner child is an energetic spunky girl who loved summer camp!  As a 12 year old I went to Camp Ondessonk and slept in an open cave!  It kicked so much ass!

As adults we stuggle to play with our own inner child and let him or her explore.  As a part of my coaching business, I am curious, who would sign up for adult summer camp?  Would you?  If so, please comment below.

What kind of things would you do?  How would you imagine it?

My ideas include typical summer camp activities, mixed with some inner child work, spirituality, making new friends and relaxation.


What if, like adult coloring books, adult summer camps came into fashion?  I would call it, Kater Camp!  We would find a beautiful rustic environment with a great lake, hills or mountains, cabins, and fires. ourcamp2 We’d tell stories, enjoy the energy of new people, find new talents, take a rope swing jumping into a lake, or a zip-line, and feel like a younger freer version of ourselves.

Please let me know and I can think of planning something like this in the future!  You could join the Kater Crew at Kater Camp!




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