Ladies and Gentleman, It’s called the Hustle-and a little WoofTastic

Reinventing  myself takes a lot of time and energy poking around at just about anything that I like.  Once I zero in though, watch out!

Today, I remembered that even though I didn’t want to do much of anything, I NEED to get my coaching business up and running.  I need to take courses.  I have been dabbling in dog walking to earn some side money. I need to earn a few hundred extra euros to pay for a couple of courses.  So, I did what any hungry entrepreneur does, make flyers and get it done.

In this video (me on facebook live) I describe the terror of  putting myself in harms way passing my flyer out to an old lady on a scooter.  I was selling again!  How is that?  I thought it was dead.   But here I was having a sales call.  Yes, over a dog.  I now wish that all sales calls were about dogs.  Everyone smiles!

I was terrified.  I was about to make a sales pitch to a 75 year-old lady in a scooter.  Her dog in tow.  I thought.. oh God, she’s about to go into the revolving door.  I am going to ask her to buy me right now.  You know what? She was happy to talk to me. I didn’t get the sale, but a nice happy maybe!  And a great story about her dog.

I then went to a copy shop.  Printed about 7 euros worth of flyers to distribute in my neighborhood.  There are so many dogs in the neighborhood, why not?  And I don’t need to drive all over town to find a dog.

I started going door to door with my flyers in my neighborhood.  I felt anticipation, but also the worry that I have no idea who has dogs and who doesn’t.  A mixed bag. Not a great marketing strategy.  The image of the lady at the grocery store came up.  I felt pushed to go to another one closer to my house.  It was 4:15 pm.  People were coming home from work and starting to shop.  So I went.

It was scary being the person with a piece of paper in hand.  I was going to be rejected.  That’s obvious.  However, that didn’t stop me.  No, I wanted to see if this would work.  I was certain that someone I’d make personal contact with would be interested.  I also wanted to dearly earn 200 euros/mo to help me start up my business, (not launched) So, I stood in the cold for 40 minutes.

When I was small, I’d go door to door selling trinkets so I could win a huge prize.  I was an amazing girl scout cookie seller too.  I honed the skill of 1 minute or less to get a sale.  My inner Girl Scout, pushed me to this point.

Standing at the front of the store was a little scary.  What would I say?  Simply put, I just wanted dog owners.  So I asked, “Do you have at dog?” Most people pretended to ignore me, but they couldn’t because I asked a strange question that did not directly have to do with asking for money.  I got lots of smiles.  Also some stories about new puppies being born. And some flyer takers.  Like anything worth having, I had to wait for it.  It was about 6 degrees celcius, 45 Fahrenheit.  I had to stand 40 minutes before the miraculous thing happened.  I had to freeze my ass off and have bone chilled fingers before the woman came up to me, like I was an angel from heaven! Seriously, I was on my way home.

So we both jumped and screamed a little.  She said that I will have a steady flow of cash. Yes!  And all I needed was a little help! My business was getting funded by as, wait for it, a banker!  She is a banker. She lives in my friend’s old house. She has 2 malamutes that need walking 1-2x day everyday. I had put on my flyer that I only had 2 spaces open, and now they are filled.  Match made in heaven’s freezer. Simple.

The best part is I can earn enough to save some money on the side while I build my dream business!  And I get to have fun with dogs too.  It’s WoofTastic! The only hustle needed was to brave the cold and ask.  I asked, and I received!

Most of all, I overcame my fear of selling again.  I could feel the fear release from me.  I realized that sales at it’s core is just having a fun conversation with people who are interested in what you are offering.  It’s connecting.  And when talking about pets, people are happy.  The other life lesson that Tony Robbin’s would approve of, is if it’s your dream go out and get it.  Today, I had a Date with Destiny.  And it was a success!



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