Yes WE CAN and We WILL

Forgiveness starts now.  Yes, start looking at one another and saying I appreciate you.  I love you, and we all want to have happiness.

The world has been restarted.  We are wearing on a new coat.  Trying it on and appreciating the beauty of what’s inside.  We are all chosen to live here in this time.  To rise up and and raise the vibration.  To help one another.  Division has taken over our lives.  Finger pointing and blaming now stops.

Take a moment in your day to send love to our world and it’s leaders.  Change is usually good,  even if it feels painful.  A new dawn is here.

I will be taking time soon to set up a meditation in the city close to where I live to raise our vibration. More and more of us need to step up and bring love to each other.  See each other as the same.  We can do this and we will.



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