Take it to the Streets-Rise UP.. IT Matters

Today I took action. I shined my light. I sat out in the cold meditating while people did their errands. Others liked the initiative, but didn’t join. Maybe the video I made wont be shared, but I didn’t just talk. I acted. Even if it’s cold, the revolution starts now. And YOU know it.

Click here to See What taking action looks like!

Please everyone, more than ever take steps towards the revolution that’s coming. We can make a difference if we come together. Let’s not talk about it or share it on Facebook anymore. Let’s make videos, and come together in public peace meditations, prayers and protests. Let’s go change something.

We’ve been lazy. Westerners have had it too good. We didn’t know it until now. Now it’s all slipping away. Remember, we all want prosperity, health and happiness, no matter what side you’re on. Conservatives, life changes, we need to go with it. Liberals, accept that the people on the other side aren’t uneducated idiots. Let’s be our highest selves. Let’s hug each other. Let’s compromise where needed. Let’s stop the shaming and finger pointing. It solves no problems. Let’s learn and make a new way forward together.

If Martin Luther King can do it and dream it, it can happen. And it has happened. Let’s keep moving in that direction.

And for the sake of taking action, share this post!  Share the video.  If you can help make it more appetizing, contact me.  I need other revolutionaries to join.  Let’s make our voice heard not just on the internet. Let’s start now.


3 thoughts on “Take it to the Streets-Rise UP.. IT Matters

  1. I don’t think everyone has the luxury of just going with the flow. Life has not been easy for all westerners. And with Trump in power, there’s no telling what life will be like now for marginalised groups in America.

    1. your right. Different people have had different experience. According to the NYTimes, said since the mid-twentieth century, industrialization has increased the income gap between undereducated whites, but due to the status quo, still enjoyed a safe cushion. Now the world and it’s econcomy is drastically changing, forcing that group to feel even more pressured. Going with the flow is a whole other idea. That’s about being intuitive and figuring out what it is that makes sense for you. That’s what we are being called to do no matter what economic background you come from. That’s new way of working that people are resisting. I could write about that in a new post. Open to discussion here Alexis! Thanks for you post.

  2. That’s all true, but I didn’t mean Whites. I know undereducated Whites still making more than Blacks with master’s degrees. There are other ethnic groups facing a lot of discrimination and unequal opportunities, even when they make twice the effort.

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