Living my dreams in only 15 minutes

Dream big, live big.  We all want that, especially me.  I wasn’t meant to stay home, no way siree!  Most of 30 year olds get sidelined by marriage, jobs, kids and even health problems. Our dreams during college fall by the wayside bc we have to be stable. We allow ourselves small luxuries, but go back to the grindstone until we can afford to take time off again.  We do this until we’re old.  

I think it’s amazing that even my generation has fallen into this trap.  With all of the modern luxuries and platitudes, ” You can be anything!”, you,d think we’d all be glying around the moon in the most luxurious style possible.  

Why can we all be rockstars? Napoeon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich, out of 100 men at the age of 25 only 5 will achieve what he planned.  Sadly enough, he’s right.  

Lots of stuff gets in the way on the road to our fullest selves.  For me it’s been an avalanche. But I haven’t given up.  Nope.  It’s only made my ambition to write, speak, inspire and give people their power stronger.  

I am not as energetically strong now as I was 5 years ago.  There have been many big efforts to get up and design and execute the book, website, career that I dreamed of. Each time I lasted no more than 2 weeks tops before falling back down.  Kaploosh! Back in the water to only just tread it.  

You can however live your dreams 15 minutes at a time. I am following the 30 day reflection challenge by Michelle Holmes on Facebook.  It’s day 12.  I’ve dedicated about 20 minutes a day to recording my truth sbout living my truest life. And it’s frustrated the fuck out of me.  “Why am I not doing not contributing? I still have value even if I cant manage a full work day.” I see now that I am managing. I’m dedicating over 20 minutes a day to figuring out who I am and what is my passion!  I love writing to you! I want to empower myself and others to Fing get over themselves and make the space to do what they love by not giving in to burnout!

Today, this is my 15 minutes of creativity.  I’ve moved the needle a little bit closer to my dreams to realizing what makes me happy and doing it.  Thats all it takes.  One 15 minute period at a time.  


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