About me

Hi, my name is Kate van Asselt. I am happy to meet you!(or you meeting me, as is likely the case;)) I am a curious person interested in learning and investigating human nature and how we all evolve. Life is no piece of cake, but it can be if we take the right road and remain open to changes. I am someone who has had an interesting, but difficult early life. Throughout it all, God/ the Universe has been there with me supporting me. I believe that by sharing my experiences, I might connect to others and we can create a better place for everyone; one where we share and accept all that is life, transformation and consciousness.

I am from the midwest United States, but did my fair share of moving in my teens. Living primarily in Chicago, Evansville, IN, Cincinnati, OH, and Miami FL. During my college years, at Ohio University, I met my husband, Dennis van Asselt, a Dutchie! Together we have had many ups and downs, but are still together since 2001. We have 2 children, who are amazing little beings of joy. With my second child, in 2010, our lives were a crazy mess, and we decided to take on a move to Europe. Since then, we have stabilized, found ourselves and building a life to be proud of.

In this blog, I will share many concepts of consciousness, spiritual awakening, my story-good, bad and ugly, and how I see life. I welcome comments and sharing of ideas. As a person, I find connectedness and interactive discussion necessary to create a successful communication platform. I hope this benefits all who read it.


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