The Release is Here

Three days ago I posted about waiting for deep release.  It is here.  I woke up stuck in a dream.  Immediately everything was being processed.  All the pressure, self sabatoge and expectations being let go. Emotional release is heavy.  It’s not only the sadness and tears that appear.  I feel intense energy leaving my body […]

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but a lack of one certainly kills the Soul

-Kate van Asselt

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Waiting to be Released

Today I am not feeling much like myself.  I am tired and emotional.  Years of self punishment are pouring out of my skin.  I want to be active, efficient and productive, but my body and energy say, “No, not today.” Today, I am practicing being filled with inspiration to guide my actions.  My kids are […]

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Care-er is Career

When we think about careers, we think about what we will be and what we will do. The word care is often never seen inside the word career. What do you love to care for? That is the personal purpose or career. Do that and feel the care return to you.

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Change is not a punishment

Change as hidden  opportunities-so cliché. Suddenly I see the sign again. A friendly reminder not to beat myself up for all the changes and “missed” opportunities to save myself from serious pain. If I had only known where that decision would leave me. It led me to feeling less than perfect. It led me to […]

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