Want more energy? Expand!

Life is busy. And as busy parents working people living life to the best of her abilities, we often close ourselves to new opportunities. We search for energy leaks and we say no to opportunities to connect with others, Sharing the best of our being this with the world. Eventually we close ourselves so much […]

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How to Cure Shame

Shame is a damning thing. The purpose is to make you small. In hindsight it can open your eyes to moments of truth and healing.  Abandonment, abuse, mental illness-generally human emotions that do not fit societies definition of normal are met with shame.No one is free from it.  Our society needs it to control itself. […]

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Yes WE CAN and We WILL

Forgiveness starts now.  Yes, start looking at one another and saying I appreciate you.  I love you, and we all want to have happiness. The world has been restarted.  We are wearing on a new coat.  Trying it on and appreciating the beauty of what’s inside.  We are all chosen to live here in this […]

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